I am the Producer and Director of Haunted Earth.
My background was previously as a police officer, working in varied roles and including that as a commended Detective and Field Intelligence Officer.

My work within the police has given me a clinically proven ability to assess data, and combine that with my psychic gifts to provide informed and intelligent observations of paranormality which is quite often captured to camera as I detect it.

In 2005 I created Haunted Earth as a means of capturing and sharing paranormal activity through the internet.

Over the years, Haunted Earth moved from just directly being a paranormal group into an organisation that provides high quality shows and documentaries covering many different aspects of paranormal research and we film in Europe as well as North America.

We have a huge viewer base for our work, and on YouTube we have shared to 27,000,000 viewers.

Much of our work is supplied to media interests and we were featured some years ago by CNN.

Currently, we are in partnership with the award winning Director, Jason Figgis of October 11 Pictures working on some new projects for television.

If you are a media provider and would like to work or talk with Chris Halton on other projects, please contact me via the email button below.